Director's Cut: Downton Abbey, 2050: Rise of the Superbugs

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The year is 2050. Downton Abbey is still thriving, but because antibiotics haven’t been used wisely for decades in people and food animals, they’ve lost most of their potency. Footmen are dropping like flies. In fact, 10 million deaths a year are attributed to drug-resistant infection. What would YOU do without your footmen?


It might sound like science fiction, but it’s true: our supply of effective antibiotics is dwindling and there are few new antibiotics under development to replace them. And those 10 million deaths we mentioned above? That’s also not fiction. A blue-ribbon report commissioned by the United Kingdom in 2016 found that if we don’t rapidly reduce overuse of antibiotics in people, food animals and plant agriculture that’s how many people will die from antibiotic-resistant infections in the year 2050. That’s more than the number of people predicted to die of cancer. So, please help us by sharing this video, rating it and leaving a comment.


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