• Laura Rogers

A Tote Bag to Hold All of Your Other Tote Bags is Still a Tote Bag

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It was Robert’s idea to spoof PBS in our third video. We took a few jabs at Fox news in our first video, so this seemed only fair and the three of us agree that this video is our favorite so far. This is partly because we are all PBS nerds so it was fun to poke fun at something we love and partly because there are so many funny bits in this 1+ minute video.

I think my favorite part is the live-action yawning of the BPS logo. Our original idea was to create a satirical version of the PBS logo that would be static and yawning, but Robert took it to the next level (as is his way) by making the logo yawn through the whole video. Genius! And my favorite line? “A tote bag to hold all your other tote bags.” Too funny!

It was also Robert’s idea to use Downton Abbey to bring home our main message: we need to stop overusing antibiotics in every setting or we will find ourselves living in a post-antibiotic world! Said evenly more plainly, if antibiotics lose their effectiveness (as they are at an alarming rate) many medical procedures would become far too dangerous to perform and a simple cut on the knee could become life-threatening. Click here to learn how you can do your part to save life-saving antibiotics from overuse.

The goal of this project is to educate as many people as possible about the health crisis of antibiotic resistance. Spoofing PBS and Downton Abbey will allow us to tag a lot of groups and people and use lots of fun hashtags, which we hope results in us finding and connecting with more people. Be sure to watch the video and leave a comment so we know what you think of it.

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