• Robert Mac

Why I Want to Be a Game Show Host

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I’ve always wanted to be the host of a game show. Is that weird? There’s something about getting dressed up and having all the answers that appeals to me, the wide lapels and thin microphone. In the late 1900s (1999, to be exact), I started a comedy game show walking tour in San Francisco. I also perform marriage-themed game shows at weddings, customized around the happy couple. And my secret wish is to host Jeopardy.

In fact, watching game shows as a kid inspired me to write my first real joke, which is still in my act. (If you have an extra 16 seconds, you can see it here.) I guess the game show host thing has been in my blood longer than I realize.

And game shows are a great delivery system for information! For the “What’s Your Beef?” video, we decided a game show could be an effective way to teach the audience about the danger humans face because of antibiotics in food animal production. The only thing we needed to do was find a talking cow and build a 1970s-era set.

The cow was easy. That’s me behind all the special effects! But finding the right background was turning into a long process. Look up “‘70s backgrounds or patterns” and you’ll find way too many options. Instead, we went with a subtle “lava lamp” background. Throw in some graphics and cow bells and there you go—a minute-long game show.

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